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New Quality of Laboratory Weighing

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We PROVIDE a comprehensive range of balances, scales and weighing systems for every user

No matter what you want to weigh, you can be sure that we have the right product for you. RADWAG provides a full range of products for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, and also private and national laboratories. You can purchase: ultra- and microbalances, analytical balances, laboratory balances, mass comparators, industrial scales, moisture analyzers, checkweighers, mass modules.

Made in Poland

Local production – global operation

Starting from the product concept, through design and to final production, all our balances and scales are manufactured in Poland.

You can buy them in 152 countries around the world. This is due to a professional and experienced distribution network, which also provides consulting and post-sales services.


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Orginal Know-How

DNA-encoded striving for perfection

RADWAG has its own R&D departments and research, measurement and certification laboratories, which employ over 150 specialists. As a result, we patent a number of new technological solutions every year.

We base our development on funds obtained from the sale of proprietary technological solutions, so that our further development is safe and independent of external financing.

We provide a technology which, as of today, is significantly ahead of the standards prevailing on the market. By buying our product you are investing in the future.


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